Resolute t-shirt


Ultra-light and crafted for the toughest workouts: the Resolute T-shirt is your essential gear for every sweat session. This shirt blends breathable, top-quality nylon with superior sweat-wicking features, ideal for intense training and perfect for fitness due to its lightweight design.


  • High-quality nylon that not only wicks away sweat efficiently but also dries quickly
  • Thanks to the flexible fabric, you can move freely, making this T-shirt ideal for any exercise
  • Assured of long-lasting quality.

Slim fit. Our model is 183cm and wearing a size M

90% top nylon & 10% elastane.

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Resolute t-shirt



For which sports is the Resolute T-shirt especially recommended?

The Resolute T-shirt is suitable for all sports, but it is particularly effective for activities where you sweat a lot. The fabric is specifically designed to wick away sweat efficiently and dry quickly, making it ideal for high-intensity sports where maintaining comfort and dryness is crucial.

How comfortable is the Resolute T-shirt during exercises?

The Resolute T-shirt is extremely comfortable. The fabric is very soft, making it feel pleasant against your skin, which enhances comfort during all types of exercises. This softness combined with its flexibility ensures that you can move freely without any discomfort.

How does the size of the Ósigur slim-fit T-shirt fit?

The Resolute T-shirt is designed with the intention of making your muscles look as good as possible. We recommend checking the size chart to ensure you get the perfect fit for your body shape.